Letter from Lindy Heymann, Director

Hello Everyone,

Huge thanks to everyone who has purchased the film and watched the trailer via our new website. Combined we have had over 1,000 views.

It has been interesting to see that many of our viewers so far have been women. We would be so grateful if you, our wonderful audience, would take a moment to share this film with any young men in your lives who you think may be vulnerable or at risk, or who may have friends who are.

This weekend CALM (Campaign against Living Miserably), the charity that we have been working with, will be sharing the link to the film and the website through their channels. We are hoping that the film may then reach and help even more young men in despair.

We have had several requests for the film to be subtitled and we are looking into how we can do this.

Thanks so much to everyone who has spread the word through social media - the film has been seen far and wide. As well as US, UK & Europe, we have also reached Japan, Mexico, Bangladesh, China, Peru, Egypt, Ukraine, Sweden, New Zealand, Turkey, Taiwan, Chile, Thailand, Korea, South Africa, Israel, Russia and many other countries.

Last week it was 3 years since my dear friend Shaun Carmody took his life, and I feel that there could not be a better tribute to him.

I can’t thank you all enough.

Lindy Heymann

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Watch THE LAUGHING KING, a short film of despair and of hope, starring Colin Morgan and Kerrie Hayes.

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